Transforming Lives and Communities

Love INC (Love In the Name of Christ) networks churches across denominational lines and leverages our collective impact to bless those in need in our community. When our local churches, united in the purpose of showing Christ’s love in our community come together, we are a powerful force for transformation: not only to individuals and families, but to the entire community.


Love INC believes in showing the unity of the Body of Christ to the world through local churches working together to serve the community. This unity is about unity of purpose. As traditionally defined, all Christian churches within a community are welcome to participate in the Love INC network. We are united in our purpose of serving and ministering to those in need without allowing theological or social debates to distract from this unity of purpose. The people we serve are watching us; let them see our care, not our contentions.


Love INC is an explicitly Christian organization and ministry. All churches participating in the network of local churches comprising a Love INC affiliate must be Christian as defined traditionally and historically by Christians over the centuries. All staff, board and volunteers of a Love INC affiliate must be professing Christians willing to agree to the Apostles’ Creed, as it has been interpreted historically and traditionally by Christians.


One of the most valuable Kingdom resources we have is prayer. Prayer is integral to who we are and permeates everything we do. Nothing should be initiated without praying first. All Love INC meetings should open with prayer. All Love INC clients should be prayed for (and with if they desire it.) Each workday should start with prayer. As the Apostle Paul said; pray without ceasing.


Love INC is a partnership of churches. Love INC does not and cannot exist without the active involvement churches of the community. A Love INC affiliate is only created when local churches in a community come together. And a Love INC affiliate ceases to be a Love INC when local churches are no longer actively involved. Love INC is church driven and exists only to aid the churches in mobilizing their members to serve. 


Love INC cannot exist without volunteers, those that are called to serve others, and to further the growth of the Kingdom. Love INC’s role is to foster opportunities to mobilize our faith and calling for church members and outside volunteers.


Love INC is about building relationships with clients and treating them with dignity as creations of God made in the image of God. Our goal is not to just address a perceived need in a transactional fashion, but to take time to enter into relationship with those we serve in order to understand the real needs of the client, build a trusting relationship with the client, and allow the Holy Spirit to work through the church volunteers to initiate both physical and spiritual transformation. This means we take the time to understand the client’s situation and needs, include them in the solution to their need, and always treat them as image bearers of God, their creator.


Although a local Love INC affiliate is its own non-profit entity focused on its mission of mobilizing local churches in its community, it is part of a larger network of Love INC affiliates around the world. As part of Love INC National, each local affiliate has a responsibility to support it with its prayer, presence, gifts, and service.

Developmental Compassion

Love INC is about providing a hand up and not just a handout. Although there is a time and place for providing handouts, Love INC is not a crisis intervention or disaster relief ministry. Love INC’s primary focus is helping the church transform people’s lives (physically and spiritually) so they can break the dependency cycle they are in. We seek to engage and hold accountable people receiving help, and work with them to strengthen the assets they have and develop new ones that allow them to break the cycle of poverty and dependency they find themselves in. We call this developmental compassion (as opposed to the traditional charity compassion so prevalent in our society today.) As a result, direct financial aid to clients (charity, with little or no relationship) is not a significant component of our ministry.


The foundation of Love INC’s ministry is called the clearinghouse model. In the clearinghouse model, all of the requests for assistance are received, assessed, referred to the most appropriate resource, and followed up on. All additional ministry modes are built upon the systems and information contained within the clearinghouse model. The clearinghouse model is central to (and the center of) how Love INC functions and is able to operate daily. It is the fundamental ministry that touches and coordinates all other ministries.


Love INC exists to mobilize the church, so God can transform lives and communities for His Kingdom. Love INC’s mission is to mobilize the church, but the ultimate goal is the transformation of the individual, the family, and ultimately the community. Transformation involves both a physical component and a spiritual component. It is not just about changing an individual’s or family’s physical circumstances, but it is also about awakening in them a sense of the depth of their spiritual need for Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Love In the Name of Christ is a proven model that networks local churches, volunteers and community organizations together to help people in need. Love INC exists to mobilize the church, so the church (through it’s volunteers and ministries) can transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. Love INC’s goal is the transformation of the individual, the family and the community. Transformation involves physical, emotional, relational and spiritual components. It is not just about changing an individual’s or family’s physical cirumstances, but also about awakening in them (through the Holy Spirit working through Christians) a sense of the depth of their spiritual need for Christ.

Existing resources operating independently are not adequate to meet current and growing levels of need. One church alone cannot deal with all of the complex issues of poverty in Tuscaloosa County. It takes multiple churches working together across denominational lines to effectively meet needs.

When a request comes into the Clearinghouse, we complete an interview to assess the need and verify information. Once this process is complete, their need will be met through, a Gap Ministry, local church, agency or outside organization. A Care Coach will help identify habits or patterns of behavior and develop a plan to move them towards transformation.

People in need receive coordinated help through a network of church and community services.

Churches model unity in the Body of Christ as they work together across denominational lines to obey the Word of God and help the poor and needy.

Church members receive opportunities to use their unique gifts and talents in specific ways to serve others.

Community agencies refer people to Love INC to fill gaps in services, as well as receive referrals from Love INC of verified needs.

We are always in need of donations and volunteers. If you would like to donate goods or time, please contact us! If you are a church leader interested in partnering with us, please read our information on becoming a church partner and contact us for further information.

Homeless Connect Volunteer Application

  • Monitoring facility
  • Crowd control
  • Parking attendants
  • Bus drop off/pick up areas
  • Ride on transportation buses (pick/up and drop off sites)
  • Paired with Guests to walk through event
  • Trained in certain areas to be the specialist to the event guide and guest
  • Assist event guide with needs for guest
  • Praying with guest throughout the event
  • Prep and serve lunch
  • Misc. duties

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Volunteer registration will close on February 3rd, 2023 or when 300 volunteers have registered to serve. Volunteer assignments are based on first come first serve basis. Please choose two serve areas (first choice and second choice. Volunteers must stay for the entire event unless prior approval by HC committee. Orientation will be on the morning of the event at 8:00 am. T-shirts will be given out upon sign in on morning of event. You will receive a confirmation email with your assignment and event schedule within 2 business days of registering.

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