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In every expression of Love INC ministry, relationships are key – relationships between church volunteers and neighbors in need, relationships among churches, relationships with Christians across denominations, and relationships throughout the community. When Love INC flourishes in a community, healthy relationships grow, Christian love thrives, and struggling neighbors receive support, friendship, and the kind of practical help they need.


The Clearinghouse is the foundation of Love INC’s ministries. The Clearinghouse is the connecting agent between our neighbors in need and those who are serving them. Our process works in 5 steps: request, assess, provide, follow up, and lastly, plan of action. The Clearinghouse results in trust and relationships being built with our neighbors in need so that we can impact them to move forward in their journey of going from surviving to thriving.

Gap Ministries

As the Clearinghouse receives requests for help, gaps in services and resources in Tuscaloosa County are identified. Love INC empowers churches, ministries, small groups, or Sunday School classes to build a ministry to fill the gap. Love INC supports Gap Ministries by providing resources and following up with neighbors in need who received assistance. Gap Ministries result in church members being able to serve their community and build relationships with neighbors.

Donation Center

The Donation Center exists as a receiving location for goods that are donated. Donors drop off new or gently used items. Volunteers then sort through these items to be used in either the Resale Boutique or through Gap Ministries. Through the donations that are received, Love INC is able to support its Gap Ministries with resources so that needs can be met.

Breaking Bread

The Breaking Bread ministry exists to better understand homelessness so that barriers can be removed and hope can be restored. Teams of volunteers visit local homeless camps, shelters, and soup kitchens to deliver supplies and encourage people to let Love INC walk alongside them in their journey. Breaking Bread results in trusting and strong relationships being built with our homeless neighbors as their physical needs are met. This opens the door for the cycle of homelessness to be broken.

The Bridge Of Love

The Bridge of Love classes assist families and individuals to become more self-sufficient in every area of their lives. We encourage people to develop a relationship with God as we teach them skills to go from surviving to thriving. We currently offer four classes: Seekers, Journey, Discipleship, and Thrive. In addition to the classes, childcare is provided. This allows us to not only pour into the parents, but their children as well. Bridge of Love is our long term (12 months) program.

Freedom & Finance

This ministry exists to build a strong financial foundation to break the cycle of needing financial assistance. The first step is for participants to gather and organize their expenses and income. A tentative budget is made as well as teaching on Biblical Principals of money. Participants are matched with a mentor who assists in managing finances for neighbors in need who come through the Clearinghouse or Bridge of Love. Participants meet with their mentor to create a realistic budget and set financial goals.

Blessed Again Boutique

Blessed Again Boutique gives new purpose to gently used items sold to the general public. Neighbors in need receive vouchers to shop at the boutique and participants in our Bridge of Love program receive incentive vouchers to shop at the boutique.

Homeless Connect

Homeless Connect is an annual event to meet the needs of the homeless in Tuscaloosa. This event provides opportunities for our homeless neighbors to receive medical attention, legal advice, driver’s license, birth certificate, and much more.  Through meeting their immediate needs, Love INC and partners are able to build relationships and connect with attendees so we can follow up and assist on an ongoing basis.

Homeless Connect Volunteer Application

  • Monitoring facility
  • Crowd control
  • Parking attendants
  • Bus drop off/pick up areas
  • Ride on transportation buses (pick/up and drop off sites)
  • Paired with Guests to walk through event
  • Trained in certain areas to be the specialist to the event guide and guest
  • Assist event guide with needs for guest
  • Praying with guest throughout the event
  • Prep and serve lunch
  • Misc. duties

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Volunteer registration will close on February 3rd, 2023 or when 300 volunteers have registered to serve. Volunteer assignments are based on first come first serve basis. Please choose two serve areas (first choice and second choice. Volunteers must stay for the entire event unless prior approval by HC committee. Orientation will be on the morning of the event at 8:00 am. T-shirts will be given out upon sign in on morning of event. You will receive a confirmation email with your assignment and event schedule within 2 business days of registering.

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