Love INC Partners

We are blessed and thankful to partner with them in ministry. If you are interested in becoming a church partner, please continue reading or contact us for more information.

Our current church partners

Advantages Of Partnering With Love INC

Generate Volunteer Resources

We help generate untapped volunteer resources that already exist to help meet needs both within and outside the church.

screen requests

We screen requests for help as to nature, extent, and legitimacy.

prevent church duplication

We prevent church duplication of existing services already available in the community.

ensure needs are met

We discover if those who are requesting help are already receiving help from other churches or agencies. Our screening process ensures legitimate needs are met.

long-term solutions

We provide long-term, habit changing solutions for those who are chronically in need or have multiple needs.

enable churches

We enable churches to assist those outside of their own congregation and be good stewards of their resources.

solve problems

We help prevent churches from building dependency in those they assist by discovering and solving problems at the root level.

Gap Ministry

We help the church to own its missional/outreach ministries designed to help those in need.

provide opportunities

We help provide specific, manageable opportunities for churches to reach out with God’s love to people in need.

Cost Effective

We lessen the burden of any one church by increasing the use of volunteers to meet legitimate needs and rotating assistance among network churches. Love INC is very cost effective.

Unified Witness

We offer a unified witness of God’s love to the community as Christian churches work together in the name of Christ.

a model for change

We offer a proven, replicable model that can be easily translated in new communities.

Partner With Us

We are so glad you are considering a partnership with us. Church partnerships are essential to Love INC without them there is no Love INC. Please contact us if you have any questions. Most often, a church demonstrates their commitment by doing the following:

Homeless Connect Volunteer Application

  • Monitoring facility
  • Crowd control
  • Parking attendants
  • Bus drop off/pick up areas
  • Ride on transportation buses (pick/up and drop off sites)
  • Paired with Guests to walk through event
  • Trained in certain areas to be the specialist to the event guide and guest
  • Assist event guide with needs for guest
  • Praying with guest throughout the event
  • Prep and serve lunch
  • Misc. duties

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Additional Information

Volunteer registration will close on February 3rd, 2023 or when 300 volunteers have registered to serve. Volunteer assignments are based on first come first serve basis. Please choose two serve areas (first choice and second choice. Volunteers must stay for the entire event unless prior approval by HC committee. Orientation will be on the morning of the event at 8:00 am. T-shirts will be given out upon sign in on morning of event. You will receive a confirmation email with your assignment and event schedule within 2 business days of registering.

Let's Get Involved!

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